All rentals must be paid for, in full, at the time of rental possession.

do you deliver?

Party Pax now offers delivery for an additional fee! Prices vary based on location (time + mileage). Please contact us for a quote.

what ages are your party rentals good for?

Party Pax has a target age range from 2-6 years old however we have had several parties rented out to ages other than mentioned above. Our seating is "child sized" and not meant for older children or adults. Children come in all different shapes and sizes so we always recommend you use your discretion. If you are concerned, please feel free to email us for exact heights of our settings.

Can i come view the rentals in person?

Unfortunately not at this time. We do not have a set up conducive to customer visits, only a drop off and pick up location. This allows us to keep our overhead low and offer you the best possible pricing. We try to keep our website as up to date as possible with pictures of our rentals. We are also happy to answer any questions you have over the phone.

Can i pick up on the weekends?

Usually not. Our operations run Monday through Friday. If you absolutely can not pick up on the weekday please call us. We will try to accommodate you if at all possible.

Will it fit in my car?

All of our parties are designed with portability in mind and are broken down for easy transport. They fit in most SUV's without a problem. Please have your trunk cleared out and ready to go prior to pick up.

how does it work?

Party Pax is a children's party rental company that offers high end parties at low cost to you. First, fill out our submission form and reserve your party. We will pack it up for you and schedule a time for you to come get your items. Rentals will need to be returned to us the Monday following your party.  

Additional fees:

if an item comes back heavily soiled, a $25 deep cleaning invoice will be sent to you. Please be aware of materials/ crafts that can stain our linens such as oil based paints, non-washable markers, adhesives, etc. Paper plates or placemats work as a great barrier. If the stains don't come out, you will be responsible for the replacement cost.  

frequently asked questions:


Cancellation of any item within 48 hours of scheduled pick-up or delivery will result in a 50% cancellation fee.

damaged/ lost items:

Adult supervision is required at all times when setting up and using our rentals. If you notice something is damaged or missing during set up, please notify us BEFORE your party starts so we can note your file. If an item is lost or damaged beyond repair while in your care, you will be responsible for the full replacement cost. We expect normal wear and tear and always do our best to offer the most cost effective solutions. 

Terms and Conditions:

A Party Pax Terms and Conditions agreement must be signed before you take possession of the rentals. Please read it in advance of making your reservation for all detailed policies.

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Security deposits:

A minimum $200 security deposit is required on all rentals and is due when you pick up your party. Deposits will be kept in a safe and shredded within seven days upon return of all items in satisfactory condition. 

important Policies:

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